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I have worked with many lawyers over the years in many residential real estate transactions. None have ever provided the accessibility, the trouble shooting capability, the personal attention to details as Gary Michael has done in the last several transactions. I have referred my entire family and group of friends to Gary Michael’s office. His professionalism and helpful service is greatly appreciated.

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Real estate transactions are rarely simple; the processes of acquiring, selling, and managing property are often rife with complexities. There will be property-related issues such as land use disputes, estate planning, escrow concerns, home loan problems, and so on, that could muddle the procedures.

For such matters, you are going to need an ally that completely sympathizes with you, and works to protect your interests in every real estate transaction.

Burrell & Michael is dedicated to helping you navigate through the convoluted legal processes involved in real estate. Headed by Gary R. Michael Jr, the firm focuses on providing personalized legal services to suit the needs of its clients.

Whether your concerns involve commercial law, landlord/tenant matters, land use, or residential law, let us help you find reasonable and favorable answers to them. Through our services, it is our mission to ensure that you get the most favorable results in your dealings.

We do this by acting within the bounds of the law, the rules of the practice, and professional ethics. No matter who you are, we will be open and sincere in handling your case.

Primary Practice Areas

Commercial Real Estate Law

We have worked with numerous clients as they sought to acquire or sell commercial property. It is our job to ensure that the deals our clients make fall in place while straightening any wrinkles that may come up.

Land Use

Burrell & Michael represents developers and individuals who seek land use approvals. Our expertise on land use laws allows us to help clarify any misconceptions and help clients understand what can be done (and what cannot) on their prospective plots.

Residential Real Estate Law

Both buyers and sellers of real property need legal representation, and Burrell & Michael has helped countless individuals in closing their transactions. We always put our clients’ interests forward, and ensure that all deals made will benefit our clientele.

Landlord/Tenant Matters

Our firm has represented both landlords and tenants in summary process matters. Having represented both sides, we fully understand the intricacies of the tenant-landlord relationship, allowing us to find better diplomatic solutions for all parties.

How to Prepare for a Consultation with a Real Estate Lawyer

As your legal representatives, we wish to cooperate closely with you, and it begins with our first meeting together. It certainly helps if you come fully prepared for the meeting, since it is the perfect opportunity to articulate the details of your concern, allowing us to better help you. Here are some tips you can keep in mind when arranging a consultation or meeting with our real estate lawyer:

  • Clearly state basic information about yourself, your business background, and your contact details. This way, we can reach you easily should we need to contact you. By stating your business background, we also want to understand where you are coming from, and see if we have the authority to speak on behalf of your organization.
  • Documentation often holds the key to resolving most real estate issues. Bring all pertinent documents to the meeting, if you can. This allows us to analyze the matter more objectively and even formulate an action plan.
  • Aside from documentation, other forms of verification such as photographs and proofs of payment will certainly come in handy. Claims backed by hard evidence make a strong case, so it’s important not to miss a single detail.
  • Do not forget to enumerate those whom you have dealt with in your transactions—the representatives of the financial institution you approached, sellers, buyers, etc. Their names and contact details will prove invaluable. Keep letters, memos, emails, and other forms of correspondence that you have sent and received from the involved parties, as these can also serve as evidence.

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